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Austria [Roderich Edelstein]
26 October
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Roderich Edelstein,Austria,Axis Powers Hetalia

A “young master” that likes music and cake. He seems showy but he’s a frugal person.

Austria’s glasses are kind of like his music. If you take them off, he seems pretty simple.

The one hair that sticks out is Mariazell, so it changes sometimes.

His personality is, for better or worse, very “young master”-ish, so his expression doesn’t change much.

When he stood on top of the Holy Roman Empire, he was pretty aloof at first, but as the years went by one by one he gently went in a strange direction, got married too much and was dragged into many burdens, being kicked out and taken in and being a generally busy person.

He’s hopeless when it comes to direction.


played by ferus_preliator

Stylesheet by refuted

other aliases: Austrian Empire, Roderich Edelstein, Specs
gender & age: Male, 896
blurb: An empire that likes music and desserts and dislikes rude people and Prussians.